Caro Raina wants inform you in a transparent and clear way about

- the goals for which we use your personal data

- which of your personal data Caro Raina is working with, and how

- security of your data

- your rights and how to use them

- how you can contact us

Use of personal data

Responsible person for data usage 

Caroraina is a label oned by Giura Gcv, Heidelaan 25, 2580 Putte. ON 0535.624.003.

Caro Raina only uses your personal data for sending you a newsletter if you have subscribed to it. It is always possible to unsubscribe.

Which Data is Caro Raina using?

Caro Raina only uses your email address, which you have communicated by subscribing to our newsletter, or by and explicit opt-in on an event.

Who uses your data?

Your data is being used by the founders of Caro Raina. Your data won't be communicated to nobody else.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data until

- you as us to unsubscribe

- Caro Raina ends its activities

Security of data

We take all required measures to protect your data, considering the available technical possibilities

Your rights

- you have the right to verify the data to which you are subject and which are used by Caro Raina

- you have the right to correct or complete your data at any time

- you have the right to withdraw your permission to use your data

- you have the right to be forgotten

Contact or complaint

- by mail:

- by post:  Giura, Heidelaan 25, 2580 Putte

- you can also directly contact the Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit