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Your kid has eczema? Support his biggest dreams!

Kids are dreamers. They want to become a professional football player, a pilot, a ballet dancer. More than 20% of these dreamers suffer from eczema. For most of these dreamers, eczema affects their quality of life. It affects their dream.

Kids are often ashamed about their skin or suffer from physical discomfort which has a very big impact on their social life, sports and on the joy of playing.

According to research by the Foundation of Atopic Research, only 16% of kids said that the state of their skin did not bother them when playing sports.

Playing outside and doing sport are essential for children's development, and some simple precautions can prevent them from being uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Our role as a parent to keep the dream alive

Parents play a crucial role. It is our role to help our kids in this difficult period. We can do this by explaining what eczema is and what precautions can be taken.

We must explain that they are not alone, and that many kids suffer from it. We can also explain that in many cases it will disappear (most people outgrow atopic dermatitis by the time they are teenagers).

Practical advice

As parents we can also help with developing practical habits. If you respect the precautions, your kid will suffer significantly less from eczema.

The main triggers for skin issues are sweat, heat, the wrong clothing and products. Work on these 4 elements to increase the level of comfort during sports


Sweat has a very acid PH. To prevent this uncomfortable feeling, you need to facilitate evaporation. Wear specific sports clothes that allow the heat to escape.

Control your body temperature

Heat increases the production of sweat and therefore itching. First, do not play sport in direct sunlight and drink regularly water – always keep a bottle with you.

Another tip is to use a thermal water spray as it will bring the skin's temperature down.


As mentioned earlier, wear specific sports clothing. Wipe off sweat using a soft towel, and not your t-shirt.

Very young kids can wear these surf suits for kids. It is made out of neoprene and gives an optimal protection. It also allows to use a more greasy cream

Body Cream

A moisturiser is indispensable. It gives your kid immediately a better feeling.

A barrier cream may also be used to form a protection against sweat, pool water and sea water. These creams often contain silicone, which seals the skin off from external aggression.

But what is the most important is that all kids should have the chance to go outside and dream their dream. Also with eczema.




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