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The power of CaroRaina, the natural product for eczema and dry skin

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

This case was the catalyst for the origin of CaroRaina. It offered the ability to showcase the effectiveness of the CaroRaina product. The case is not related to an eczema problem, but to a skin transplant by a plastic surgeon. These positive results led to the search for other skin disorders for which CaroRaina could be the solution. The best results so far have been found for people suffering from eczema.

End of September 2009: After a holiday in Spain, Miss X experienced problems with her leg. She described it as an insect bite that started to look very ugly. The verdict however was pretty severe: gangrene.

Thanks to the excellent intervention of the medical team, the amputation of the left leg was prevented, but a large part of the skin had to be replaced.

The patient developed an allergic reaction on the medical gelcream, which endangered the skin’s flexibility and the prevention of scars. The physiotherapist of Miss X advised the application ofCaroRaina cream. There was no allergic reaction.

The healing process accelerated. After applying CaroRaina on a daily basis, the results were impressive. Results after respectively 2 and 4 weeks.


About 20% of all people suffer from eczema. This is a very large market. Today, there is no alternative on the market that can compete with cortisone. Cortisone however makes the skin much thinner and increases skin sensitivity, which is not beneficial. Especially not for children.

Caro Raina is a natural alternative based on 3 pillars: - A new combination of emulsifiers - The use of a new substance to reduce the inflammation: ModukineTM

- A high concentration of natural oils

ModukineTM is a very strong natural product that is already used in some products related to plastic surgery. Caro Raina however, has found the ideal combination of emulsifiers that enables ModukineTM and the other active substances to truly take care of the damaged skin. It significantly reduces the inflammation, minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction, and makes the skin emollient. All these aspect also have a cosmetic and beauty aspect, which cannot be ignored these days.

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