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3 reasons why CaroRaina is the best product for your child’s eczema problem

More than 20% of all children suffer from eczema. The traditional solution has been cortisone, which unfortunately results in thinning of the skin. Should you use cortisone every day on your child’s skin? Probably not. Parents want to protect their children from further injury when applying treatment.

And not only children are suffering. According to statistics, between 10% and 30% of all people have eczema. And the only real ‘solution’ so far has been cortisone.

To help these people, we developed Caro Raina.

Caro Raina offers a natural alternative of which the effectiveness has been proven and acknowledged by professors and doctors in dermatology (University K.U.Leuven) and plastic surgery (University V.U. Brussels).

Caro Raina is built on 3 pillars: - a strong combination of specific natural emulsifiers, the strength of CaroRaina

- the use of an innovative substance, ModukineTM

- a high concentration of natural oils.

Based on these pillars, a new solution has been developed for people who do not wish to use cortisone. Caro Raina is probably the best alternative to cortisone, without having the negative side effects. Caro Raina softens the skin and may be used on a daily basis. This makes Caro Raina the perfect solution for children and adults suffering from eczema and other skin-related issues.

Caro Raina has been developed by Caroline Caenepeel, a pharmacist who is passionate about innovative solutions. She has a degree in cosmetic science and worked on the Caro Raina formulation for over 2 years. As a pharmacist, she was constantly approached by people suffering from eczema. Since there was no alternative to cortisone, she decided to create one herself.

Although the focus is on eczema, the product might also offer a new solution for other dermatological problems, like stretch marks after pregnancy, (sun) burn marks, damaged skin after chemical peelings, other baby skin irritations, etc.

Additionally, in a world where beauty reigns, taking care of the visual downside of eczema is also becoming more and more important.

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